Brianna-Donna Ding Dong

Picture courtesy of Google

Brianna Hanson has got to be my all-time favorite character on Grace and Frankie. Some know her as Brianna-Donna-Ding-Dong, a funny nickname she apparently had as a kid. Bud happily reminded everyone about this, super cute scene! Her close friendship with Bud always makes me so happy, because he seems to be one of the only people who Brianna opens up to. Her complicated personally is why I love her… she comes off as a little cold and standoffish sometimes, but after we get to know her better, we can see this is just a self-defense mechanism.

Another huge thing I love about her is her hilarious sense of humor… some of her lines make me laugh so much!

– “I lost both my virginities in this house, it’s my house.”

– “Oh, have fun with your weird mother-son vaginal lube sales team.”

– “Did my mother just call my sister fat? Aside from my father almost dying, this is the best day of my life.”

Gotta love her!!

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