Ellen DeGeneres Changed the World!

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I really wanna emphasize how amazing and brave it was of Ellen to do what she did. In 1997, Ellen stood out in front of the whole world and opened up about who she is. Takes major guts to do that! I mean, I was nervous just coming out to some friends and family! As she explained in her interview with Oprah, it’s so important to be true to who you are. Today, I think we take this for granted a little sometimes, because thankfully people are slightly more accepting than in the past. But, the truth is, we have Ellen to thank for this. Oprah and Ellen talk all about this in the interview. According to Oprah herself, she hadn’t realized that the rest of the world wasn’t quite there yet back in 1997 when this all went down. They were shocked at the reactions they got.

Can you guys believe that Ellen actually got fired for being gay? Sadly, the truth is that being fired was the least of her worries back then. Apparently when the news spread, there were actual death threats and major harassment. Say WHAT?! It really boggles my mind to think that people could be so ignorant and mean. I’m not saying everyone has to agree, but there should be a clear line drawn way before it gets to being hurtful to others. My main question is this: why?! Why on earth can’t we follow Ellen’s advice and just “be kind to one another”?

Again, thanks to Ellen’s courage and sheer awesomeness, the world has come far from where we were back then. But, sadly that doesn’t mean everything is where it should be. Sometimes the things I read online, and the things that go on around the world shock me. We should all be doing what we can to live by Ellen’s sage advice. If it were up to me, ‘coming out’ wouldn’t even be a thing at all, people would just be who they are, no explanations or reasoning needed! 

When I came out back in 2008, I was very lucky with the reactions I got. I have some amazing people in my life, and awesome services available to me. I loved being able to attend support group meetings every week, made everything so much easier!

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