FonDue's and Dont's

If you know me well, you might know that I tend to go through phases. For a period of time, I get hooked on a certain food, drink, etc. and cannot get enough of it. This period of time comes to an end, and soon the next phase begins. Always been like this, ever since I was a kid and got myself hooked on mustard for a while. Oh, good times…

So, what’s my most recent phase, you might be wondering? Well, I’m glad you asked, because this is the topic of my post today. Lately, I have become quite hooked on fondue, and not just any fondue, but chocolate fondue. Yummy! I cut up fruits, melt some milk chocolate, and I have myself a super delicious snack! Sometimes, I even add marshmallows into the mix! Oh, what a fun thing to do. Quite the versatile activity as well, can be done alone or in groups. But, very important to talk about, are the unwritten rules of doing a fondue in a group setting. Thus, I decided to make them not so ‘unwritten’. Here it comes, folks..

Picture courtesy of Google

Couldn't help but share that picture, as this post was inspired by the wonderful Kitty Forman!

The Zoey-valuated List of FonDue’s and Dont’s 


  • enjoy your snack

  • share all the food equally among all guests

  • minimize the dripping when bringing your piece of food towards your plate

  • keep you area as clean as possible

  • have multiple pieces of food on your plate to avoid a lot of reaching

  • keep stirring the chocolate/broth/oil, etc. in the pot to maintain the melted state

  • share the cleaning up tasks


  • intentionally steal someone else’s piece of food from the fondue bowl… finders keepers rule does not apply here

  • double dip your fork into the shared pot

  • participate if you’re sick

  • put the dipping fork directly in your mouth

  • leave your piece of food in the pot if accidentally dropped

Hope you found these tips useful!

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