Old Friends, New Foods

So,  I’m going back to the old days, when I wrote about entertainment. Just couldn’t not write about this! Went to a cooking class the other day with my mom.  The food?  To die for!  What made it even better? The chef was an old friend! Knew him back in my college days (no, not THAT long ago, definitely not trying to say I’m old!). So, we had both good food and good company! Chef Jesse Bell from Albion Rooms (back in 2017), now he is at Prohibition House here in Ottawa, is super talented. At this class called ‘Rustic Revised’, he showed us how to make a delicious three course meal. Canadian food from back in the day! Definitely the way to go!  

Picture courtesy of Google; Chef Jesse Bell

As Chef Bell talked to us and made the food,  I was flooded with fun memories from back when we knew each other. He was just the same as he was back then, a super smart and awesome guy! Having a personal connection with him made the whole class even more special than the others I’ve been to.  

This one was such a cool combination of foods! The fennel, the salmon, the herbs… Oh. My. Gosh! Also, for those of you who didn’t know (including me before this class),  ‘crudo’ means raw. But according to Chef Bell, apparently writing ‘raw salmon’ on the menu wouldn’t draw in as many customers. Go figure! I never thought I would like a dish this healthy, but boy was I wrong!

Now,  I’ve had gnocchi before, several times, but it has never tasted like this. With a crispy outside and a deliciously cloud-like inside,  these little guys were beyond incredible. I am now permanently turned off from store-bought gnocchi.  Not to even mention the soft carrot mush (not the technical term) that was underneath! A very subtle and wonderful taste… the best way I can think to describe it, with my non-existing culinary vocabulary. Along with the pork, this meal was literally like heaven in my mouth!


The ‘Eton Mess’ was created back in 1893 (or 1920, depending on who you ask), completely by chance!  When the cooks at Eton College accidentally ruined the dessert they were serving, they threw together whatever they had in the kitchen. Thus, the Eaton Mess.

Even though meringue is not my thing, the rest of this treat made me feel like I finally learned what a dessert should taste like.

If any of you want to get the recipes from me, please feel free to comment and ask! Also! I definitely highly recommend checking out his restaurant, Prohibition House. You can get more info about it at this link! I always suspected that Jesse would go far. We used to say that he knew everything about everything, and he still does! The head of a hugely successful restaurant… always knew he had it in him!  

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