When In Doubt...

Hey there, my lovely readers! Hope you’re all doing well, and adjusting well to the fall! 

I feel like I’ve been having more trouble coming up with post ideas as I used to. So, what do I do when I’m in doubt? When I’m not quite sure what to write or where to start? That’s easy… the answer is always Ellen. Ellen fixes all, in my book. Back in July of 2016, I wrote a post about Ellen’s stand-up show called Here and Now. Back then, she was my go-to, and she still is to this day. Gen and I actually happened to come across another one of her shows, from back in 2000. This one was way before, and we somehow hadn’t seen it yet.. weird, right? It’s called The Beginning, and it’s amazing! 

So folks, this is what happens when I’m having writer’s block…  An Ellen post, of course! 7 thoughts on this particular show, to be more exact. Hope you enjoy! 

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7 Thoughts on “The Beginning”

Post-coming out – Wow, so crazy that this was just after she had come out and got fired from her job! I still can’t believe all that happened.  This performance was 17 years ago,  we’ve definitely come a long way since then. I hope, at least. People are more accepting now,  right?  I’m not just being idealistic,  am I?  

Dance – We see Ellen dance and move a lot, every day on her show. But this interpretive dance that she did at the beginning of her performance? So incredibly touching. With absolutely no words, she said so much. Her whole experience coming out of the closet is shown in a dance performance…  It’s a must-see! 

Shampoo – She talks about having instructions on shampoo bottles. This is somewhat ridiculous, don’t you think? I mean, who doesn’t know how to use shampoo? Just the other day, I noticed what it said on my shampoo bottle. 

“Directions: Wet hair, lather, rinse, and get on with your day.”

It’s important to notice these little things in life, they can really make you laugh. Whenever you have a moment free in your day, go check out your shampoo bottle, it might just make you smile!

Attention span – Her whole bit about all the talking people do and how she stops listening after a while? Happens to me all the time! So glad I’m not in school anymore, because I would literally stop listening to the teacher after about 10 minutes, I’d just loose focus. Am I getting old?

Silence – Ellen talks about how all our problems can be solved when we just sit in silence. What do you guys think? I, for one, can’t even blog in silence. I need noise. Even now, I have the TV on in the background… Gen’s watching a show, and I need the noise. If everything’s too quite, I feel like there’s way too much pressure to get things done. My best thinking / problem solving happens in the shower… was that TMI?

Different?  – I’m really not sure if it was just me, or if she was actually a little different in this show. It’s almost like I could feel anger coming from her. But seriously,  who would blame her? After everything that had just happened, anyone would be slightly peeved. Seeing her so much happier and at peace now is so great. 

The ending – After Ellen finishes her performance, she takes some questions from the audience. Hearing about one woman and how she came out of the closet because of Ellen was really moving. Everyone cried… on screen and off ...

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post of mine!

What do you do when you’re at a loss or just need some entertainment? What or who is your go-to? 

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